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Custom wallpaper printing

All of our wall murals are commercial grade and printed with the industry's top printers. We offer both traditional and peel-and-stick wall murals on our high quality, made-in-house materials.


Photo wallpapers for home and business.

Wallpaper with your own photo: customizable & made to measure themed wallpaper

Self adhesive



Your own photo on the wall

Upload your own picture from your camera or tablet quickly and easily. Step by step, the program lets you design and print your own photo wallpaper.


Pattern design

Pattern Design motifs and patterns. Here you will find unique and trendy patterns and motifs. You can easily change and adjust both size and colour to your liking.


Predesign photo wallpaper

This is a Paragraph. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start editing the content and make sure to add any relevant details or information that you want to share with your visitors.

Order photo wallpaper online

Order your own photo wallpaper with free shipping

Photo wallpaper is a recent trend that's here to stay.
Here you can read about some curiosities and information about these particular wallpapers.

Ordering and buying photo wallpapers is one of the more difficult decisions - that's why we have made it easy for our customers. We have a virtual system in which you as a customer can design and make your own cheap photo wallpapers without having to visit the local wallpaper shop. We offer photo wallpapers where you decide on the motif and thus make your own wallpaper entirely to your liking.

You do everything on the computer. As soon as you log in, you are ready to start designing your own wallpaper and later also to order your photo wallpaper, just the way you want it. Our system is based on using your own images and designs, or the images and designs we provide through Pattern Design and Adobe Stock. All in all, we have at least 80 million images and designs for you to choose from.

Make your own photo wallpaper and choose from many different images and patterns

If you want to make your own unique custom photo wallpaper with the Brooklyn Bridge, the Grand Canyon or any other cool design motif, that's no problem. It's all available in high-resolution images. You do it all here with us and you don't have to visit image banks to buy images, everything is ready and waiting to be used right away.

Maybe you want to design your own wallpaper with a unique pattern with customizable pattern and size? Then choose Pattern Design as your image source. Here you can choose your own pattern and influence the size, colours and splitting. See and read more about what Pattern Design can offer you as an individual or as a business. Pattern Design offers thousands of unique patterns for your wallpaper.

Order photo wallpaper with your own image
We are also a bit unique in offering our customers this opportunity to print their own photo wallpaper by being able to upload their own pictures directly, so that you as a customer can see immediately how the finished result will look like. A nice aspect of being able to print your own photo wallpaper is that you can easily immortalise your pictures from your holidays, or maybe even pictures of your children, your favourite football team. If you choose to upload your own picture, you will receive alerts in case there is something wrong with the image.

Personalised service with fast delivery
Everything goes fast and you get your own cheap photo wallpaper at a really cheap price. You can also easily order test prints of your photo wallpaper's image, to see how well the image holds up in resolution. All this is included in one package to make it as convenient as possible. All that is required of you is a little computer experience and a curious and creative mind.

Once you've placed your order, we'll take over and print your photo wallpaper.

A Printlino Printing photo wallpaper of the highest quality - Made in Fort Myers, Florida.

We only use quality materials in our printing process that are 100% original media. All our wallpapers and photo wallpapers are completely environmentally friendly and printed on completely PVC-free wallpaper paper. Our materials meet both US and foreign standards regarding environmental and fire classification. The paint we use in our machines is water-based and completely odourless and non-toxic. The print is also not bleached by sunlight.

The production of our photo wallpapers is supervised by experienced and careful staff who do not let anything through that does not meet our high standards. This guarantees an extremely high quality of what we deliver.

Design your own photo wallpaper and create design wallpaper made easy
Photo wallpapers turn your walls into gates to other worlds!

Individual photo wallpapers give your room a unique atmosphere. By latex printing their own photo is printed on the photo wallpaper. Thus, the colors are UV-protected and the wall wallpaper is easily wipeable. The high-quality strong original non-woven wallpaper is particularly durable and ensures bright colors. In addition, non-woven wallpaper is very easy to apply. In contrast to photo wallpapers made of paper, they are also easy to remove from the wall again if required. Wallpapering has never been so easy! You will receive your photo wallpaper exactly to the centimeter in your desired size.

If you still lack ideas for your future murals or photo wallpapers, browse around in our motif world. Here everyone will find his favorite motif. A popular design for photo wallpapers is a natural forest landscape. This provides peace and relaxation in the room and gives you the feeling of sitting in the middle of nature. The antithesis, the skyline of a vibrant city like New York, on the other hand, is at least as popular, but gives your room more of an urban touch. A wall wallpaper with a photo motif is not only a real eye-catcher, but can transform your home into an oasis of inspiration. Photo wallpapers are not only a worldwide trend among interior designers, but also a great way to transform a simple room into a themed space. Whether it's jungle fever in the bedroom or the brick look of a bistro in the kitchen, a photo wallpaper is always a great idea. 

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